Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lake Drive.....

With the inversion we've had lately the skies have been rather splendid, so I took a drive out to the lake Friday evening after work, hoping to catch a fiery sunset over the frozen ice. No such luck, as it was too cloudy out, but I snapped pictures anyway of the little things that caught my eye. Here is a few of the fruits of that trip.....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Autumn Photoshoot

Now I do not normally do photoshoots.... mainly because I am more comfortable photographing nature. Nature does not get upset if you missed the shot you hoped for and have to try again. Nature also doesn't get fussy about the weather, or long hours, or any other hiccups that can happen along the way.

Portrait photographers are also natural born cheerleaders... they can keep a running groove of energy and sunshine that helps keep younger kids entertained, while still keeping everyone on focus to get the shoot done with the least amount of muss and fuss.

I have recently made a few exceptions... while I have taken candids at casual functions, I started taking date night/dance shots for my favorite teen... which lead to being asked to take her senior pictures. I agreed, with a lot of reservations about it, because this was not something I really had experience in. I agreed because she asked me to, and I have a hard time telling this girl no.

Her request was that we do shots in all seasons, starting with the fall. Surprisingly, it was not only a lot of fun, but the shots turned out far better than I could have imagined. Now with the winter shots out of the way as well, I am looking forward to the spring shoot (she's heading to a summer job at the end of May, so summer may not end up happening). Of course, taking photos of someone you are close to is easier than taking those of strangers, and an individual is always easier than a group (duh, right?)

Here's just a few of my favorite shots from the autumn session...

January Photoshoot

Sorry everyone, but here is a link to a photoshoot I did last weekend. I really should have posted it here, instead of on my main account, but then, I never claimed to have it all figured out. If you haven't already read this on my "Ramblings" blog, feel free to follow the link and see a few of the lovely shots I captured out in the wintery chill.