Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Toy

I found a new toy online yesterday, but I'll warn you, its pretty addictive. It's called Scribbler Too, and you can find it here
The funny thing is that a long time ago I tried drawing in this style, with lots of connective lines and "spiderweb" effects, but I left it behind when I couldn't see where I could go with it. Art was a lot different in the 1980's when I first tried this... it was enough at the time that my art teacher wasn't thrilled with it.
Now that I have played with this program, I remember how much I really loved drawing like this. Looking at the style now it strikes me as being a little bit of a cross between Tim Burton style and M.C. Escher...not that either one draws in spiderwebs, but it does have a bit of that feel.

Now you, too, can draw in a truly funky and artistic way. Enjoy!

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